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Jan 26, 2013 8:00am EST
obama was inaugurated for his second term. since then it's been all business for mr. obama who's moved quickly on a new set of priorities. cbs news senior white house correspondent has more on that. >> reporter: inaugural festives were barely over before they began to get down to the agenda of mr. obama's second term. >> make sure that my priorities are being carried out and my policies are consistent with the proms i made to the american people. >> he named dennis mcdonough as his new chief of staff. >> suddenly i'm feeling a lot of sympathy for the folks who sit down here. >> reporter: hearings like john kerry for is secretary of state way. they have more than a year before they begin the slide toward lame duck status so president obama is trying to move his agenda ahead as quickly as possible. >> to continue to have the economy recover, to create a stronger foundation for economic drought, and to continue his commitment on civil rights issueses like lgbt rights to take on tasks that require bipartisan support like day to talk about immigration reform and he'll take his case on
Jan 24, 2013 7:00am PST
emotional talking about him and three other victims. >> i stood next to president obama as the marines carried those flag-draped caskets off the plane at andrews. i put my arms around the mothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers the sons and daughters, and the wives left alone to raise their children. >> reporter: but the secretary told members of the house that she never saw stevens' request for more security. at one point -- >> 4.3 million cables come to the state department addressed to me, they do not call that to me. >> reporter: republican rand paul called that a failure of leadership. >> if i had been president at the time and found out you did not read the cables of benghazi and from ambassador stevens i would have relieved you from your post. >> reporter: they were accused of covering up the nature of at tacks. >> we were led there were protests and something sprang out of that and assault sprang out of that and that was easily ascertained that was not the fact. >> but you know -- >> reporter: the american people could have known that within days. >> with all due respect
Jan 21, 2013 7:00am EST
. >> congratulations, mr. president obama. >>> president obama begins the second term in the white house. >>> thousands of security officers are getting ready. city officials expect as many as 70,000 people. >> he's going to address the crowd, the nation and the world. >> expected to lay out his vision for the world in his second term. >> measures to help the economy, energy. >> i think immigration is really the big issue, frankly. >> the most significant event of the weekend, i love her bangs. >>> the deaths in algeria has reached at least 81. >> at least one american is among the dead. >> very cool temperatures across the midwest. >> windchills down to minus 50. >> this time the swearing in flawless. >> and when he was done his daughter sasha took note. >> i did it. >> all tha zone for the touchdown! the 49ers are going to the super bowl. >> i want to thank my parents, and go ravens. >> and baltimore is heading to new orleans. >> brothers coaching against each other in the super bowl. >> -- and all that matters -- >> president obama begins his second term publicly and on martin l
Jan 28, 2013 7:00am EST
million immigrants would be granted legal status. >> president obama will travel to las vegas this week to introduce s ideas. >> latinos support, democrats want it and republicans need it. >> the president has declared three days of national mourning following one of the worst nightclubs in history. >> 300 have been killed, 117 have been treated. >> another storm is moving from the midwest into the northeast with a dangerous mix of dangerous rain, sleet, and snow. >> i have to ask you, what's the date of expiration on thi then doorsment? >> i have to tell you. you guys are incorrigible. >> watch out when you use your credit card. some retailers can now charge up to 3% more. >> incredible foam whipped up by a storm. >> all that -- >> and the actor goes to -- daniel day-lewis. >> and the actor goes to the cast of "argo." >> i can't believe i'm standing in the place where daniel day-lewis just was. >> -- and all that matters -- >> how unhappy do you think joe biden is in the wings who's in the wings. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> ray lewis, just the wall of emotions he brings throug
Jan 25, 2013 7:00am PST
night exemplified that. however you hear people like speaker boehner saying it's president obama trying to annihilate the gop. is president obama do you think the problem or do you think the party itself has to make some policy changes in order to recruit and attract different voters? >> this is my 12th presidential election. i've been around where we won a few more than we lost i've been around where we lost. this is an election that republicans are upset about because they feel like they could have won, that the president, you're talking 51% of the vote. >> you're looking back at the campaign. >> that explains that. >> it seems to know from peggy noonan and a whole range of people especially the speaker to accuse the president of trying to annihilate the party, that takes it to the future not the past. >> well look this is the most political presidency we've ever had, it's the perpetual campaign, as soon as the campaign was over and we started talking about the first serious piece of business the fiscal cliff, the obama administration ran it purely like a political campaign. if you he
Jan 29, 2013 7:00am PST
victims is on its way to president obama's desk. >>> the boy scouts plan to reverse a national ban on gay scouts and leaders. >> it's something in this day and age, it's not right. >>> there is a search under way off the coast of italy for a u.s. fighter plane gone missing. the f-16 was on a training mission. >>> senator john kerry could be approved as secretary of state by the end of the day. >> being in the white house right now, this is like mom, i made it! >>> tiger woods. >> now that is embarrassing. >> and all that matters. >> the, uhm, very classy very refined video entitled go [ bleep ] yourself. >> good luck on charlie rose. >> on "cbs this morning." >> iran the government says it launched a monkey into orbit and brought it back to earth. >> they did release a photo, this is the alleged iranian space monmonkey. i'm guessing he didn't volunteer for the mission. >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." today could be a pivotal moment in the lives of 11 million people living in secrecy. the immigration bill picking up steam could also affect business owners nationwide. cbs news poll s
Jan 23, 2013 7:00am PST
. >>> sorry, obama. your class warfare isn't going to work. stuart varney knows the reason why. >> along come this show "downton abbey," rich people problem prus, they're rich generous. they create jobs for heaven's sake. that show is wildly popular which pose as threat to the left, doesn't it? >> yes, it does. yes, it does. the popularity of "downton abbey" proves that america loves rich guys the same way the popularity of breaking bad proves that breaking bad loves -- >> too funny. >>> a federal court yesterday threw out an appeal for three groups that want to make marijuana legal. the decision could mean prison for a supplier who thought he was playing by the rules. >> reporter: matt davies' tv commercials made no secret he was selling marijuana through his dispensary. >> not the kind of thing that a criminal does. >> i should say not. >> reporter: davies says his medizen dispensary had all the requirement requirements. >> we had to pay and more. >> reporter: and you were doing that. >> absolutely. that was the whole point. >> reporter: but now the 34-year-old father of two is caught
Jan 22, 2013 7:00am PST
800,000 people came to the national mall to see president obama's swearing in. thousands of them stayed around to join the president for the inaugural parties last night, bill plante is at the white house. bill good morning. >> reporter: good morning, and good morning out west. the first event on this morning after happens in this hour the president and vice president and their wives attend the national prayer service. last night, the east room of the white house was the place for the hottest afterparty in town. entertainers like kelly clarkson and john legend, lots of politicians, friends of the president, all after the two official inaugural balls. >> my dance partner, michelle obama. >> reporter: in a dress designed by jason wu the first lady dazzled at the commander in chief's ball. ♪ i'm so in love with you ♪ >> reporter: where she took the first dance with her husband as jennifer hudson sang. early president obama told the ball goers why the day was remark remarkable. >> today we experience the majesty of our democracy, a ritual only possible in a form of government tha
Jan 29, 2013 7:00am EST
morning." president obama heads west to back the immigration deal, and we'll show you what americans think in a new cbs news poll. >>> only on "cbs this morning," a soldier wounded in afghanistan talks about his combat video that's been seen by millions. >>> the boy scouts' n on gays could be history. and we'll show you why if you're a good driver you might be getting a bad deal on car insurance. >>> we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> it is something that he has spoken about. he has made clear his commitment to act on this early in his second term. and he is acting on it. >> president obama to make his pitch for immigration reform. >> today the president unveiling his own immigration proposals in las vegas. yesterday the group of eight senators proposing a new and wide-ranging plan for immigration reform. >> we have to work to never again face a problem with a large number of people in this country illegally. in espanol, vamiyos. >> opposition leaders have rejected a call. talks aimed at ending days of violence. >> the $50.5 billio
Jan 25, 2013 7:00am EST
was over and we started talk about the first serious piece of business, the fiscal cliff, the obama campaign ran it purely like a political campaign. if your heard the president's state of the union address where the vast majority of americans are worried about economic growth, job creation, the gigantic debt crisis that the government has, he hardly mentioned that in his address. >> governor barbour, thank you so much. >> thank you, norah and charlie. >>> fire crews in northern massachusetts north of boston had to fight two fires yesterday in sub-freezing weather. they're dealing with frozen hydrants and hose lines. chicago adjustment one of many places expecting a wintry mix today says minneapolis mike agustugustyniak of our affiliat wcco. >> chicago is getting snow and detroit is getting snow and it's all in response to the warmer air that's going to be responding in the next couple of days. the ice is going to be program especially through i-40 and north tennessee through kentucky and later today working through western north carolina, western south carolina. a quarter of an inc
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)